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Painting Conservation-Restoration Services

Norfolk Art Conservation specialises in the restoration of paintings on canvas, board and panel. This includes works executed in oil, acrylic, tempera and mixed media paint. We have a wealth of experience treating all paintings from traditional to modern day art works of all sizes and conditions.

The studio prides itself on working to museum standards using the most up to date techniques and the best quality materials.

Offering a full and comprehensive service we can fix any aspect of deterioration in a painting. Whether your painting needs minor or major work we can find a solution for you. We can also advise on collection management issues such as framing, hanging, lighting and humidity control.

Norfolk Art Conservation - Fine Art Retouching


Please see below for treatments that Norfolk Art Conservation can offer.

Surface Cleaning

Norfolk Art Conservation - surface cleaning

Dirt and grime can naturally build up on the surface of a painting over time. It can obscure the clarity of a work blurring tones and distorting colours. It’s presence also poses a threat to the stability of an artwork. Removing it is essential to restore the tonality and stability of a work. This should only ever be carried out by a qualified conservator.

Varnish Removal & Old Restorations

Norfolk Art Conservation - varnish removal

Varnishes can degrade and yellow with time. Removing a yellowed varnish can transform a painting beyond belief. Old restorations/ retouchings may also be present on the surface and should be removed as they can discolour and hide the artist’s original brushwork. Removal of all layers including surface dirt, varnish and overpaint will be completed in stages and should only ever be carried out by a qualified conservator.

Paint Consolidation

Norfolk Art Conservation - paint consolidation

Flaking paint can occur when the paint layer starts to detach itself from the painting’s support.  It should be treated as soon as possible to prevent any future catasophoric losses. Flaking paint can be easily treated with an appropriate adhesive selected specifically for the painting.

Canvas Tears & Distortion Repairs

Norfolk Art Conservation - canvas tear repair

It is essential to repair structural damages to canvas paintings such as holes, distortions and tears to prevent further paint losses and deterioration of a painting. A variety of heat  and moisture treatments can be applied to resolve structural damages. Treating a painting locally will also prevent the need for further treatments such as lining in the future.


Norfolk Art Conservation - varnishing

Not all paintings will originally be varnished or need varnishing. Where varnishing is appropriate the painting and artist’s technique will determine the level of gloss. Varnishing gives an even gloss and saturation to the surface and also provides a protection layer.


Norfolk Art Conservation - retouching

Retouching is carried out to areas of damage in a painted surface such as cracks and losses. It’s role is to return the image to a visually acceptable and coherent state. Retouching is carried out using a stable medium that will not discolour over time. Retouching will be applied on top of an isolating varnish layer. This separates repairs as retouching should always be easily removable and isolated from the original painting in case it needs to be removed in the future.

Canvas Lining

Norfolk Art Conservation - canvas lining

When a canvas painting can no longer support itself and maintain an even tension it can be necessary to carry out structural repairs and forms of lining. Attaching a new linen support to the back of the canvas to give it strength and support, known as lining, can be carried out when paintings are extremely damaged or degraded. Alternatively strip lining can be used to reinforce the edges of a canvas when they are weak and degraded.

Panel Repair

Norfolk Art Conservation - Panel Repair

Panels are prone to developing warps or can even split. It is essential to treat these problems as soon as possible to prevent any further deterioration of the paintings. We are able to treat fine art paintings on panel and help you minimise the risks involved with splitting or warping.


Norfolk Art Conservation - Frame Restoration

We can offer frame restoration services in association with your paintings, including minor repairs and retouching of damaged areas. With support from our affiliates, we can help you with gilding and any major works if required.

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